Murase's management philosophy

Murase aims to build good relationships between people and heat through its heat technology.


It's our policy to respond to the expectations of our customers by leveraging our rich experience and creativity.
Our technologies and self-confidence built by making social contributions over the past 100 years with the thermal treatment technology lie at the root of our corporate policy. Our attitude in manufacturing products that meet the social needs in a heartfelt way is backed by such achievements.

And now, what we aim for is to create empathy.

We will deliver not only good products but also empathy in every communication we have with our customers and will further enhance the added-value of long-cultivated thermal technology, thereby getting deeply involved in the people's everyday life and establishing a new network.

“Building good relationships between people and heat” – that's the theme for Murase Furnace Mfg. Co., Ltd.

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